07/30/2015 02:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Open Letter to Donald Trump -- News Flash! Some Breast-Pumping Moms Have to Work Because They Aren't Billionaires!


Oh, Donald. You narcissistic rabid ball of testosterone and money!

The most difficult period of my life was not when I was pregnant and working full-time as an attorney for the City of Boston Law Department. It was after I had my baby and was trying to do that same job with a husband who was overseas most of the time on business. I could not work late in the office because I needed to get my baby by 5:30 pm (and I missed him so much I couldn't wait any longer to see him).

I attended depositions and ran into court while trying to remember details that my sleep-deprived mind was struggling to recall. It sucked. I didn't honestly feel that I was doing my job as well as I had done it before I had a baby. I never considered adding an attempt to pump breast milk during the work day because it was already too hard without that hassle.

So to call an attorney who wants to take a break during a deposition to pump breast milk disgusting? Shame on you, Donald Trump. Not every new mom is able or willing to stay at home after the birth of her child so that she can pump breast milk in the privacy of her own home. No man will ever understand how difficult it is for a woman to go back to work full-time after the birth of a child, whether she wants to or not.

So I say this to you, Donald Trump: You have insulted many women who want to continue their careers and also breast-feed their babies. We are out there. And we want to say this to you: Donald... you're fired! Or, in the alternative, you won't be getting our vote.