03/05/2014 03:18 pm ET Updated May 05, 2014

Let Go and Let Dog

I think when I finally got the message of the phrase "Let Go and Let God," my shoulders dropped about three inches. Just to possibly believe that I didn't have to do everything myself was a comfort. But that didn't mean that all was clear sailing from that moment on. There are still moments when I "forget" and find myself overwhelmed, with life in general. This snowstorm isn't helping either!

And then there's Lily. Lily is my long-haired German Shepherd. She is pretty much my shadow. Since I've started working at home, you can always find her near my feet. When I meditate, she lays down beside me. When someone comes to the door, she is a ferocious guard dog. When I'm not feeling well, she'll lay on the floor next to the bed until I get up. The other day, my daughter and I were goofing around and I dashed into the bathroom to get away from her. Of course Lily followed me. Then, as Emily got closer to the door, Lily, using her long snout, pushed the door closed in Emily's face. She is truly my protector!

There is another saying: Let us love you until you can love yourself. On days when I can't seem to find the energy to love myself (or sometimes anyone else), I have learned that I can Let Go and Let Dog. Lily will be there with a snuggle and a kiss and the reassurance that she's got my back. Is there anything better?

Now if I could train her to shovel...