04/01/2015 03:01 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2015

Why I'll Miss Winter (and Other Improbabilities)

mario loiselle via Getty Images

I can't believe I'm about to say this... but I am going to miss winter.

Yes, I said it.

And yes, I am as shocked as you are! This feeling came drifting into my consciousness after a few brief sneak peeks at spring. It was a feeling I was certainly not expecting and one I am wholly unaccustomed to experiencing. Me, who starts to panic when the leaves start falling. Me, who has written more than my share on the negative aspects of winter. Me, who vacillates between extreme aggravation and total denial when the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling -- I'm going to MISS winter? Unbelievable!

Yet, there was no denying that feeling. Deepak Chopra says emotions can be your most trusted ally. They are the root to deep insight and creativity. He also says that "when you check into your emotions, you allow them to be expressed and to move. Emotions are meant to move. When you push them down, deny them or stifle them, they become stuck." And I certainly have been stuck with a negative feeling about winter long enough!

So, with more than a little curiosity, I decided to explore just why I felt I would miss it. Here is what I discovered that winter brings me:

  • A chance to slow down
    • There is no denying that a snow day is a forced slow day. Just having to think about going out into the cold or navigating the day's weather conditions is enough to make me rethink what I actually need to do that day. The shorter days make for longer nights and an opportunity to catch up on sleep as well.
  • Solidarity
    • In the "misery loves company" category, there is nothing like the weather to bring people together! There is something about knowing that there are others going through this with you to make you feel a little bit better about your conditions. Often times it is one of the few times I'll have a conversation with a neighbor, as we are both out trying the best we can to manage the situation at hand.
  • A respect for Mother Nature
    • When Mother Nature is at her strongest, it can be awesome. Watching a blizzard sets me in my place and I am again reminded that I am a mere player and not by any means in control of this world. The shifting of our climates is also a real reminder to me to do my part to take care of this world while we have it!
  • Feeling of power and control
    • And when the blizzard is done and I fire up my snowblower, there is a real feeling of regaining a bit more control over my world. Seeing a clean sidewalk due to my efforts that has been carved out of the elements gives me great satisfaction.
  • Beauty
    • The day after a storm, when the snow is glittering under a bright blue sky... nothing like it.
  • Wardrobe assistance
    • On the more practical side of things, winter generally brings me relief in the dilemma of what to wear today.In times of cold and snow, the questions change to "Which pair of black pants and sweater?" and "Which pair of boots do I wear?" Life is much simpler.
  • And lastly... an excuse to whine
    • If I ever needed one, winter certainly provides it. Sometimes you need to access your inner toddler and give yourself permission to just let it go. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with that frustrated tyke and let her know that all is well, and yes, this too shall pass.
    So goodbye, dear winter. I knew you well. I'm ready to move on and see what spring will bring!