12/13/2010 08:19 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2011

Tavakoli's Top Ten Business Books of 2010

Tavakoli's Top Ten Business Books of 2010
  1. New Century: Fooling Me All of the Time or Why Improper Practices Only Matter When I'm Short and Not Earning Double-Digit Dividends, by David Einhorn
  2. The Race to Stop the Collapse of Goldman Sachs and Exploit the Crisis, by Henry M. Paulson
  3. The End of Wall Street and the Global Takeover by Financial Oligarchs, by Roger Lowenstein
  4. If Everyone is a Devil, Then No One is Responsible, Particularly not any Wall Street Bank that Your Husband May End Up Getting Paid Big Bucks to Defend, by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera [Revised Dec 13. See also "All the Devils Are Here, and I Was One of Them," Dec. 14]
  5. Blame the Meltdown on Outliers Instead of Outright Liars, by Scott Patterson
  6. Crybaby Game: I'm Taller than You Are, and My Banking Friends Didn't Instigate Securities Fraud, Those Damn Bond Insurers are to Blame, by Christine Richard
  7. Trust Bernanke To Fund, by Andrew Sorkin
  8. The Big Shortcut: Skip Hard-Hitting Facts and Excuse Fraud as Delusion, by Michael Lewis
  9. The Greatest Trade Ever: It Beats Investigative Journalism, by Gregory Zuckerman
  10. Buffett Dearest: If You Had a Hot Line to the Treasury, You'd Sell Your Principles Too, by Janet Tavakoli
Best All-Time Business Book:

The Best Way to Rob a Bank (Again and Again) Is to Own One: How Banking Executives and Politicians Looted the Global Financial System, by William K. Black.
Kindle Price: $12 Trillion