12/03/2012 06:28 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2013

A-List Your Haircut

An A-list haircut isn't just spotted on the red carpet or in the green room, and it doesn't require a backstage pass to have one. It's about making the right choices towards that big move.

As small and minute as a good haircut may seem, it can have a monumental effect on one's psyche. If you've ever cut your hair off on a whim, it has been said to be invigorating and scary, and will allow you to embrace this change as an "in-moment experience" that may drum up new feelings. Your wardrobe immediately flashes to mind -- "what to wear now?" -- along with what new make-up choices to pull off this new hairstyle. Though this can be an out-of-your-comfort-zone experience for many, remind yourself that change is good and hair grows back. It is reported that hair grows ½ an inch a month, and, for some, at an even more rapid rate. Good to know, right? That little bit of information might just boost your nerve when going for that new A-list haircut.

A good haircut will accentuate your best features and down play the less flattering ones. Your height, weight, shape of face and head, hair density and personality must be considered when planning for this new look. Don't choose a look just because you saw it on someone else. Of course, we all can be inspired by a haircut that catches our eye, but most of the time haircuts that we admire on others will have to be modified for ourselves. Don't despair. If there are differences with the way this new look appears on you, it's only natural. We're all different, that's what makes the world go round and keeps it intriguing.

Today, there is a menagerie of hairstyles, and the different looks are innumerable. It's an anything-goes era. Mohawks, bobs, asymmetric cuts, beach waves, straight, curly, finger waves, pixie cuts, razor cuts, afros and braids, to name a few. Take your pick! An A-list haircut can have any of the above design elements to accomplish that noticeable look.

There are haircuts that will always keep their stance as classics. Vidal Sassoon designed the haircut that reformed the approach to hairstyling: It was the revolutionary five-point haircut. The new haircutting form, invented by Sassoon, promoted the long-awaited freedom from roller-sets, back combing, hair nets, hairspray and pin curls. If there ever were a more perfect example of an A-list cut, the five-point hair cut would fit that description in its entirety. With the world moving at an even faster pace than yesterday, we still seek new ways to minimize the maintenance of our hair. An A-list haircut grabs on to this concept and stands to be the foundation of its theory.

An A-list haircut has the resilience to sustain the demands that life may bring. It becomes the least of our worries, a "no-brainer" if you will. Actress Halle Berry has sported an deconstructed boyish haircut for some time. Her haircut is emulated time after time, which is evidence of a great look. Halle's haircut presents itself as a no-hassle style that can be worn for both sporty and dressy occasions. Actress Carey Mulligan and singer Rihanna show off charmingly classic, short boy cuts. All three of these examples, even though short, can give multiple looks when the occasion presents itself -- a must-have when going for the A-list haircut.

I have used short haircuts as an example, but an A-list cut doesn't exclude hair being worn with more length. The possibilities are simply endless. Start by challenging yourself to make that change. Don't get stuck wearing a look that isn't enhancing the best you or a style you've worn so long that you just feel safe with it. Boring! Stepping out and trying new things sets the perfect tone for launching your new fashion forward coif. An A-list haircut can revamp your look on the outside, but the true change, started from within. It all works together. So jump to it! A-list your locks. You have "all access."