11/26/2013 12:29 pm ET Updated Jan 26, 2014

Maintaining Your Coif When Humidity Lurks

Arabian nights consist of a lot more than just great food, exotic oils, spices, the faint scent of rose water permeating the air, and the longest eye lashes I've ever seen on a man. Eye lashes? Well, we're still on the topic of hair, right?

During my recent travels to the Middle East, I have found humidity to be out of this world. There are seasons with less humidity, but for the most part, one visiting or taking up residence in such regions have a lot to adapt to when it comes to dealing with extremely humid climates and maintaining style appeal with our tresses.

To begin, one wouldn't have to travel to Dubai or in fact any great distance to experience the effects that humidity has on our hair. Certain regions in the United States are subject to more humidity than others. I often discuss with my clients their concerns on what to do in situations with the threat of humidity annihilating all possibilities of keeping any kind of hairstyle.

The answer? Don't try to maintain your usual hairstyle. You'll do more damage trying to keep your coif styled in the likeness of what you are used to seeing in the mirror. Excessive blow drying, curling irons and straightening irons will destroy any of your previous efforts in obtaining healthy hair and great style. At this point, your hair is ruling you. Now's the time to adapt to a new way of dealing with the effects humidity is having on your hair. It doesn't have to be a horrible situation at all.

There are some hair products on the market that can help in humid conditions, but more importantly, if you have the urge to try and revisit your hairstyle before humidity was a problem, use a hair protecting agent to safeguard your hair from the heat if that is your only way of coping. You'll be backtracking in the process if too much heat becomes your source for upkeep. I'm speaking from my own personal hair experience. Hair is just like anything else that gets abused over and over again. It will retaliate with the "in your face" visuals of dry, brittle, lifeless, dull hair. There is little to no nursing your tresses back to health if this happens. The next step to take would be a haircut. For some, it would be an unwanted detour. It is one thing to cut your hair because you desire something different. But if you're cutting your hair because it is the only way to make sense of your hair after humidity has ruined your tresses because due to over use of electrical implements, that may not a be the most desired solution.

Embrace hairstyles that require less heat. Make the best use of your waves, curls or straight hair. Use natural oils along with humidity defense hair products when maintaining your tresses. Coconut, argan, grape seed, carrot, shea butter and olive oil are all beneficial for maintaining moisture. If you have straight hair, your concerns will for the most part be the opposite. There is usually no body if hair is more on the straight side. But again, work with the elements not against them. Root boosters are great when you lack volume. If using root boosters to create volume, choose the ones that don't require heat for winning results. I recently came across a root lifter by L'Oréal called "True Grip." It works well without heat. Another direction would be a haircut that gives you a natural amount of volume; or go for a look that doesn't require any volume at all. This is the concept of hair working with the atmospheric conditions, or adapting to our environment for the betterment of our hair.

Keratin treatments can get you through the elements of humidity by far. I have tried keratin myself and it worked for me. It is a great solution for some but clearly not for all. If you are a candidate for this treatment, it could be your answer. Consult a professional before proceeding and make sure you have a full understanding of the pro and cons.

Hair is a wonderful accent of who we are. Today, we have plenty of alternatives to manage the fiascos of high humidity. Treat it as that, and humidity will never rule. Bring it.