06/18/2015 11:06 am ET Updated Jun 17, 2016

The Best Video for Dad

Most of us say we're grateful to our parents--but we don't spend much time expressing it. So the New York Film Academy, inspired by The Gratitude Diaries, invited young filmmakers to create gratitude videos for Father's Day. The idea inspired ninety-eight new talents. Their 30-second videos were funny, loving, heartwarming, and admiring.

Here is the overall winner. To thank your dad for guiding and inspiring you, not to mention killing all those spiders, send this fresh and creative video along to him.

Winner: Camila Hernández, Mexico City

If you're a more romantic type, this original music video from a young filmmaker who calls her dad her hero, best friend and idol deserves to be forwarded.

First Runner-up: Rebeca Jover, Spain

And touchingly, a young man in Ghana proves how gratitude draws us all together. He tells his dad "with you I can soar." Definitely reason to be grateful.

2nd Runner-up: Samuel Ammisah, Ghana

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Author Janice Kaplan's new book "The Gratitude Diaries" will be published in August by Dutton. Pre-order now for Father's Day.