07/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Yorkers: Turning the Gray Skies of Summer into Money

Just in case you haven't noticed, we have had an unprecedented wet and gray June. Record setting coolness (and not in the beatnik kind of cool way). Gray, 90% of the time; wet 75% of the time! And however wonderful New York City is (and oy boy, is it!), this gray, wet weather has reached its saturation point! 2009-06-24-OLofWL2YrUMBRELLA.jpg

What to do? We could scream, cry and complain. Or, we can act like the resilient New Yorker's that we are. We can utilize the gray to make money and find joy (not necessarily in that order).

Six Succulent, Satisfying and Money Making Ways to Experience Gray Skies!

1. Warrior Gray!
Dark gray or charcoal gray, evokes strength and mystery. Therefore, on a dark gray day, I choose to connect with my strengths. I am a WARRIOR! I am mysterious. My masculine side is activated.

2. The Accessory: Gray!
On a light gray day, I shall imagine that the sky is my hat - an accessory - that I will mix with pastel pinks, blues, lavenders and greens. On light gray days, I will unleash my feminine qualities.

3. Retro Gray!
For a retro look and a fun gray day, I will add hot pink to my wardrobe.

4. Money Gray!
Gray and Green are the best color combination when it comes to money, so I will therefore apply for loans and seek wage increases (or a job) on gray days, in which I will wear a serious gray suit with a green blouse!

5. Decision Gray!
Gray is also associated with the undecided; things that are not quite going right. Gray days are, therefore, the perfect day to look at those things that you are tolerating and an opportunity to come up with a plan!

6. Crown of Glory Gray!
And finally, for those who are 'gray,' consider one proverb from the Bible that says, "The gray head is a crown of glory, if it is seen in the way of righteousness." I shall consider the sky my crown of glory and work toward being a more righteous soul!

I will pay attention to the gray skies, see its beauty, appreciate all the many nuances of gray, and contemplate how glad and happy I am to be alive in grayness.

What will you do this gray day?

Spread the word ... NOT the icing!
Janice Taylor is a Health & Wellness Coach, Harlemite, award-winning artist, author and co-founder of artHARLEM. Visit Janice: Our Lady of Weight Loss