Loving Your Body Every Step Of The Way

Sometimes you come across a picture or a quote that you need to see in that moment. That was this picture for me. I took it a few months ago when I started #powerlifting. It is a much needed reminder to love my body every step of the way. Ups and downs, accomplishments and setbacks.


It's the only body I get. It made six humans. It's always changing. It brings me joy and also lets me know when I need to do better and I listen. For me that is eating gluten free vegan, powerlifting, and getting more rest. For you it may be something entirely different.

The journey is never static. We're always learning and growing. We will have moments of doubt, needing to check in, and even adjustments. The thing that can remain constant is loving ourselves and our bodies on the journey. Wasting time comparing ourselves to others or hating our beautiful unique selves is pointless. It won't help make positive changes. Get out of that viscous cycle.

We can feel beautiful NOW. One day, one affirmation, one thought at a time. Besides, if you hate yourself now, will you really love yourself when that last 10 lbs is gone?

Loving yourself doesn't mean you don't want change. It means you can be happy and enjoy your day without being a negative twat to yourself.