02/12/2014 05:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Backstage Pass to the Coolest Behind-the-Scenes Lounges of Fashion Week

My schedule, along with the other editors of the Seventeen fashion team, is off the wall this week! We're running from one show to the next sliding into our seats just in time for the runway lights to go up and the music to go on. It's very rare that I get to a show super early, but this week, I've had a couple of opportunities where I've been a little early, with time to sneak a peek backstage and crash a couple of VIP lounges to see what goes on behind the runways at NYFW.

Rebecca Taylor was the first show ever that I snuck backstage and got a real firsthand look at the very organized chaos of the pre-show. Rebecca herself was in a tornado of interviews and cameras, while models sat getting hair and makeup, and manicurists gave beauty gurus step-by-step instructions about the very intricate ombre nails they had done for the show! They even let me check out the over-the-top make-up setup at each station. At Lincoln Center I was able to pop by the Samsung Galaxy lounge that was full of new up-and-coming sparkly crystal phone cases, and lots of pre-Valentine's Day chocolate treats. They even showed off their skills and sketched an amazing picture of us on the new tablet launching soon. The most exciting perk of being backstage at the tents was getting to do the 360 Glam Cam at the E! Lounge! Abby and I decided to do a jump to capture just how cool this thing is!

I hope next season I can find some extra time to do a little more backstage crashing because it has been one of the highlights of fashion week this season!