02/07/2014 01:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cold-Weather Shoes for Fashion week!

The official kick-off of a super-chilly Fashion Week has begun. I normally brave the cold with my Seventeen Fashion team every February as we teeter in our heels up, down, and all around town to the shows, but so far this week has been different. I've been looking forward to taking my new Saint Laurent booties out for a spin but have been reduced to wearing the old, classic snow boots to get me through these ankle-high ice puddles! We aren't the only ones braving the brutal slush, ice, and wind. The options from some of fashion's fave street-style stars have pretty much stuck to these categories: fluffy, furry and oh-so-cozy inside, superstorm-snow protection, sleek leathers with a "what snow?" attitude, and the costume change (from boots to heels, of course).

I'll be staying bundled from head to toe all week (with lots of hot-chocolate breaks in between events), but no matter what category they fall under, the fashion peeps this season are getting more creative with their looks than ever before.