03/08/2013 02:52 pm ET Updated May 08, 2013

Denver Post Publisher Says Colorado Republican Party Is "Dead"

I can see the veins popping out on the necks of conservatives when they hear that Denver Post publisher Dean Singleton thinks the Republican Party is "dead in Colorado" and that he doesn't expect to see another Republican president elected in the United States in his lifetime.

If that's not vein-popping enough, Singleton went on to say that Sen. Mark Udall will win big in 2014, Colorado's next attorney general will be a Democrat, and there's no one in the United States of America who won't take Singleton's phone call. (I'd take it, I have to admit.)

That's what Singleton told KHOW's Peter Boyles March 1 during the 6 a.m. hour:

Boyles: The Republican Party, for all intents and purposes, is dead.

Singleton: I think it's in trouble nationally. It's not in trouble locally. I mean, Republicans control 30 State Houses.

Boyles: But I'm talking about in Colorado.

Singleton: I think it's dead in Colorado.

Boyles: I think it's dead in the country.

Singleton: It's not dead --

Boyles: You think we'll ever have another Republican president in our lifetime?

Singleton: Ahh, no.

Boyles: I agree with you.

Singleton: And it really doesn't matter whom the Republicans put up. Republicans, in my view, won't win another presidency in our lifetime.

Listen to Dean Singleton tells Boyles GOP is dead in CO 3-1-2013

Singleton amplified on these thoughts during 7 a.m. hour March 1:

Singleton: The Republican Party is not dead. The Republican Party controls 30 State Houses. Because of redistricting and gerrymandering, Republicans have the chance to hold the House from now on, because most their congressional members come from safe seats. But if you look where their electoral votes are, the Republicans just can't play at a presidential level. They can't win in enough states to have enough of the electoral votes... So I don't think we will see another Republican President in our lifetime...

Boyles: I don't either...

Singleton: You've got two elected state-wide office holders, the treasurer and the attorney general. The attorney general is not running for re-election, so that will go Democratic... [BigMedia comment: Colorado's secretary of state is also a Republican.]

Boyles: Is it because of the party or is it the candidates they choose?

Singleton: Well, it's both. The party has shifted so far right that that's the kind of candidates they pick. And they pick candidates that aren't in the mainstream. And you see the growth of Colordo, and where the growth has come from demographically. I think Colorado is probably a Democratic state from now on...

It is a Democratic state today, and I don't think it's going back. I'm an independent. I've never registered for either party, and, in fact, the first Democrat I ever I voted for for president was Barack Obama. So I'm not a Democrat, but when you go to vote you, you have the choice of two candidates. And you pick the best candidate if you're thinking straight...

You'll see a lot of Republicans trying to get back in the game statewide, but I don't see it happening. I don't think it's necessarily good. I just think it's what it is...

The Republicans don't have a candidate to run against Udall in '14. They have nobody.

Boyles: It's a year away.

Singleton: And they don't have anybody to run against him. Part of it is, nobody wants to run against him, because he's going to win big. So, why do it?...

I find it sad that in '14 we won't have a spirited Senate race. There just won't be. That's not the way democracy was supposed to be....

Boyles: Is there anyone who won't take your phone call?

Singleton: Not that I know of.

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As publisher of the Post, and founder of MediaNews, Singleton can air his opinions, and he has strong ones, one of which manifested itself in a front-page editorial screed against Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and unions.

Still, no one who actually reads the Post would expect Singleton's pessimism about the Colorado GOP to leak into the news reporting, in the form of stories that would hurt Republicans.

So if I'm a conservative, and I read what Singleton has to say, I wouldn't get made and pop the veins in my neck. I'd take it seriously, thank him for the honesty, and re-subscribe to the Post.