04/17/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We are the Music Makers and We are the Dreamers of Dreams

"TED is an incubator of thought: a realm of "commingled information, interweaved sensation, and co-opted dreams." - (Wildcat)

The TED Conference is a place where inspiration rules, and revelatory ecstasy oozes from your pores. A place where intellectual magnificence meets real world applications; where the impossible becomes possible and astonishing virtuosos remind us of the world that just might be. A place where employees have titles like "wish manager" and attendees aspire to accelerate possibilities; a place where cosmic revolutionaries bathe in thought and where ideas worth spreading are unleashed to the world.

I've just returned from four days in Palm Springs attending TED Active, the live simulcast of the TED Conference in Long Beach... and what can I say, I'm in love....

"..not to reproduce what we can already see, but to make visible what we cannot..." - Paul Klee

The brilliance of the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference lies in the juxtaposition and intersection of said three topics. We are reminded that science is art, design is science and entertainment is key. The varied and eclectic mix of ideas and speakers create an ecosystem where new patterns emerge, where new ways of seeing the world are formed, and by the time it's over, your heart and soul are awestruck trying to make sense of what has happened. From James Cameron telling us that while failure might be an option, fear is not; to seeing Bill Gates offer his take on harnessing nuclear energy, to watching Elizabeth Pisani wax poetic about the wisdom of whores, TED is a rich haven of intersecting ideas meant to titillate, inspire and transform.

It was my first time attending TED but certainly not my last. I am grateful to TED for their contribution to the world -- they offer a sublime meditation; a mind-meld of uncompromising child-voyagers willing to change the world! This is the future folks, and its already here: TED is Ideas Worth Spreading.

Watch Blaise Aguera y Arcas' TED Talk on Augmented Reality: