02/28/2014 12:56 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2014

Open Letter From an Argentine to Maradona

Hola Diego, I'm Argentine, I've been in Miami for 14 years, and I left Argentina in the year 2000 because I felt that it was not possible for my dreams to come true. It hurt terribly to leave my parents who were such a big part of me, and my nephews who loved me... I could not return for 5 years and I missed out on a large part of my family's history.

I always carried my great Argentina in my heart. From the outside, I began to love tango, to value the 'mate' in a house and to be proud of our meat, our Buenos Aires and our European glamour.

When I got to Miami, a lot people said to me, "People here don't like Argentines, you are not going to be successful with that accent, with that long hair and that walk..."

Argentines are all over the world, but we have our standouts, like: Carlos Gardel , Evita Peron, Juan Manuel Fangio, Pugliese, Jorge Luis Borges, Sandro, Facundo Cabral, Charly García, Papa Francisco and at some time you were too.

There was a time that mentioning Maradona was like mentioning Argentina, or to say Argentina was like saying Maradona. Do you remember? They would say "El Pibe de Oro." You were like God, you were everywhere and with your legs you performed spells, magic and you made us all Argentines cry deeply.

But the reality is, Maradona, you were not God, you never were... You were an Argentine, a good soccer player, one of the best, until the drugs and your decisions took you out of the soccer field.

Yes, Maradona, they took you out of the field in the USA because of testing positive for drugs, but Diego Armando, you also came out of the field of life, of Argentine pride and from the list of our heroes, idols and off the ground of the blue and white.

Maradona, you are no longer in the line of Gardel or Borges, or Messi or Oscar winner, Campanella. Our idol Maradona disappeared forever many years ago.

Face it, you failed, you are resentful and full of hate because of your own foolishness and your own misery. Maradona, you were born poor and will die poor, but poor of your soul, mind and body.

Many times one does not abandon their ignorance and mediocrity, not even with lots of money or success. That is why you do not know anything about the reality of Cubans, even less about the misfortune of our Venezuelan brothers...

Maradona, you are ignorant of life, history and the present reality of the world. You are bearing children indiscriminately, all you can manage is the circus parade of exploited women, and dictators who you prostitute with... and you pull down your pants for them to use you.

Maradona, for a long time you have been a fraud, a liar, you think you are the best but the world laughs at you for what you've been. You use cocaine in Havana, get drunk with your friend Castro, get high during orgies with both women and men, support violent communists abd receive money from repressive, dirty and abusive governments, money that belongs to the Venezuelan people.

That money carries the curse of innocent blood dropped by Venezuelan youth and students seeking their freedom and dignity. They should pay you to say that you're a soldier of Maduro, and a real Mari... it's the same thing, and I'm saying it in Argentinean meaning, because that is not a real man, that is a coward, not for what he does in his bed.

For many Argentines in the world, Maradona, today you are disgusting and bring sorrow. You make us feel like wanting to apologize for being Argentines. May God have mercy on you, and your unfortunate distorted ego and pride.

Someone should hand you water, since you've been laying far from the game field, annoying others with your words and cynical judgments. Someone should take you out of this stadium, because for you the game is already finished!

The days of your glory will only be on an old Youtube video from '86... That is what remains of Maradona and the hand of God, only the player that for many people died a long time ago...

As an Argentine in Miami, I learned in this city to respect the pain of all the countries of America. I apologize to all Venezuelans for Maradona's words and for the money he took from Venezuela's government to spend on women and drugs.

I apologize to the world for you, as you have used the colors of my shirt so many times to destroy and denigrate. And hoping that in the next few years, the upcoming Argentine sports and soccer idol brings an image full of light and peace, honoring life and not a pathetic fool like you.

I want to tell the world that Diego Armando Maradona does not represent the values or the spirit or the heart of the Argentines, and many times is something we do not want to be. Thank you and to the people of Venezuela, many apologies because of this failed Mari...