01/10/2013 09:27 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

Obama's Bibles, Biden And Guns, Controversy Over Louie Giglio Continues

This morning in religion:

-- President Barack Obama is putting a twist on tradition and placing his hand on two bibles, one that was owned by Martin Luther King Jr. and another that was owned by Abraham Lincoln, when he takes the oath for his second term in office. Still unknown: which Bible will be on top.

-- Vice President Joe Biden had an unannounced meeting with religious leaders Wednesday to discuss gun control and gun violence. CNN has the details.

-- Religion and politics reporters continue to dig into the Rev. Louie Giglio, the Atlanta pastor who will deliver the benediction Obama's inauguration and is reported to have given lengthy sermon coming out against homosexuality and the "aggressive agenda" of the gay rights movement. At Salon, Alex Seitz-Wald notes that most of Giglio's current work is absent of any talk about gay people, though in one book, "Wired: For a Life of Worship," Giglio writes that teenagers are "wired for the opposite sex, for sure." At Religion Dispatches, Sarah Posner notes that January 21 will not be the first time Giglio has prayed with Obama. The pastor also gave the closing prayer at Obama's Easter Prayer Breakfast. Here at HuffPost, Sr. Religion Editor Paul Raushenbush tells readers why the pick doesn't make sense for Obama. Here's my story from Wednesday on the pastor's controversial sermon, which is reported to be from the mid-1990s.

-- Speaking of Giglio, people angered by his inclusion in the inauguration have started a petition at the White House website asking for his invitation to be cancelled. Signatures so far: 1,110.