04/02/2009 11:36 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

On Lost : "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Lost is back on track! After a short detour last week, Lost re-entered the land of interesting episodes with last night's "Whatever Happened, Happened." It's probably a good thing I didn't write about "He's Our You." I considered it to be by far the most boring Lost episode in recent memory. I mean, if you're going to introduce a character who is supposed to be as badass as Sayid, he is going to have to match the level of breaking someone's neck with his legs while his hands are tied...not get them high.


Isn't Ben so peaceful when he's sleeping

Enough hating on last week's episode and enough hating on Kate. I'll admit I was one of the many that was just not getting Kate's purpose. But last night's episode did a marvelous job of making me care about her character (and bringing a tear to my eye). Maybe I'm a sucker, but Kate's goodbye to Aaron was tugging at my heartstrings. Her parenting style... not so much. I understand you're stressed out but hold on to your kid's hand and don't leave him in hotel rooms by himself when a heartless Ben is running around!

I think any episode can automatically be saved from crappiness when it involves Nestor Carbonell's Richard Alpert. Seriously this character is awesome. I think he is #2 on my favorite characters list, right behind Locke. I really hope we get some back-story on this mysterious figure. I bet it would definitely satisfy our constant cravings for information and answers.

As for all the time travel questions: the debate between Hurley and Miles was both philosophical and comedic genius (if that's even possible). The writers perfectly captured the debate that has being going on between the fans for weeks. Hurley The Everyman trying to grasp time travel the best he can (going to Back to the Future as his source) and Miles trying to explain how time travel actually works on this show was priceless. When Hurley exclaimed that if this already happened why didn't Ben remember that Sayid shot him in the future, it was as though he exclaimed it for all of us. Richard later explains this by telling Kate and Sawyer that if he helps the dying Ben, he will not only take his innocence, but he also won't remember Sayid shooting him.

I loved the ending of this episode. We see Richard Alpert taking YB (Young Ben) into the run down temple then quickly cut to OB with Locke at his side. The utter shock on Ben's face seeing Locke alive was priceless and Locke's old squinty smile is something I haven't seen in a long time. It was a wonderful sight.

Overall, this episode did a great job setting up and explaining what is going on with the characters and where they're going. "He's Our You" seemed like more of a stall. With only a handful of episodes left, we shouldn't feel like stalling. A breather episode like "LaFleur" is okay, but "He's Our You" crap and "Whatever Happened, Happened" was right where we need to be: On the edge of our seat.