05/14/2005 12:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

150 Year Old Roughy!?

Orange Roughy, a fish I’ve never eaten (Have you?) can live to be 150 years old!

Salmon live only about five years but tuna often reach forty years of age.

Reading this information probably makes you pretty happy you tuned into my area of the site and left behind the drab ramblings of Harry Shearer, Kevin Bleyer, and others.

My point? Imagine running a nice little strainer through the ocean for five, forty or 150 years and seeing what you might catch. The flesh of these fish traps a lot of heavy metals and this metal accumulation might be toxic to a fetus, young children and maybe everyone else.

The government has issued a wimpy advisory but even their cautions should make you hesitate before choosing fish for dinner.

My posts are still short on humor but I’m counting on Greg Gutfield’s responding to enliven them.