06/23/2005 12:56 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

No Conflict of Interest

I am a pediatrician in private practice, on the attending and teaching faculty of fine hospitals and medical schools and have been in practice for 26 years.

I have looked very hard at vaccine policies and have seen thousands of children receive tens of thousands of shots. I am not "anti-vaccine." I am very selective about which vaccines I give, when I give them and to whom. I give far fewer vaccines than most of my pediatric colleagues and have since about 1980. I am proud of this and feel vindicated by recent research. I am deeply sorry and culpable for giving any vaccines containing mercury and should have known better.

The vaccine schedule we have now is not as safe as it could be but the vaccine schedule of five years ago was dangerous and reputable scientists have spoken out to say so. Dr. Neal Halsey authored an article in 1999 which said, " Manufacturers and the FDA are urged to work toward rapid reduction or elimination of mercury-containing preservatives in vaccines." He did not recommend stopping vaccination. This article was written on behalf of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Pediatrics by Dr. Halsey, one of medicine's strongest vaccine advocates. He had been Chairperson, Committee on Infectious Diseases, from 1995-1999 for the AAP.

David Kirby's book, "Evidence of Harm" is meticulously-researched and a great read.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr's essay is important and worth the vodka ad you have to watch to see it on

Mercury in vaccines causes autism and other brain injury. The IOM twisted the facts to suit the CDC and the vaccine industry.

This week, ABC TV (my old employer) twisted the editing and commentary to weaken Mr. Kennedy's interview. For ABC TV, hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue are at stake and they were irresponsible with the lives and health of children at risk. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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