07/24/2005 02:30 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

We Must Continue to Pursue Proof

I have been gone for a while. I'll try to get the hang of this and post shorter pieces using my experience and the knowledge acquired from practicing pediatrics and watching thousands of children and their families over nearly three decades.

There is much more autism than there was when I began my career.

There are far fewer adults with autism than there "should be."

The increase in autism has very little to do with better diagnosis.

The attacks on David Kirby and Robert Kennedy Jr. are, in large measure, based on specious reasoning and desire to ignore facts.

Not everyone who received a vaccine was harmed by it.

It is probable that vaccinations have done more good than harm over the last fifty years.

This discussion is very important because there are those who did the damage must be held accountable.

(This, by the way, includes me . . .)

Certain susceptible children suffered great harm from vaccines.

If we keep denying this last fact, the public will never believe us doctors when we have something really important (and honest) to tell them.