05/13/2015 09:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Things Baby Boomers Miss Most Part 3

5 Things Baby Boomers Miss Most - Part 3


Baby Boomers,

The third "thing" that I want to talk to you about that I miss from my youth is the "ability to drink."

I'm not talking about my ability to sustain a three day weekend binge at my college fraternity (which I was considered one of the best at by the way) raging through "nickel beer nights," sorority parties and college football games.

No, I'm referring to just a casual night out with drinks. I'm referring to a "get together" with friends. Maybe a holiday party, pool party or dinner at a restaurant.

What the hell has happened to my ability to handle alcohol since I have hit 50?

Here's what I am talking about.

Last Thursday, I went to "Bike Night" at the Westgate Entertainment Center and met up with some friends. Westgate is the area built up around the University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona Cardinals) and Gila River Arena (Phoenix Coyotes) filled with restaurants, bars, shopping and theaters. The main entry area in front of Gila River Arena has beautiful fountains and room for hundreds of motorcycles. They set up a stage for a band, vendors hawk their wares and some bike builders showcase their new styles for 2015.

I usually arrive early enough to get a few "Happy Hour" specials. Everyone is already at the bar and since it is a hot night and the ride over gets everyone a little sweaty, a tall frosty beer sounds great.

"Make it a 22 oz. will you bartender?"

The first beer goes down real easy and someone suggests a shot of tequila since I was the late comer. That sounds good but I'll need another tall frosty beer to go with that. The best part of being on your bike is that you always have a good sense of responsibility when drinking.

These things fall over when you are not careful you know.

So, if I plan on having a "few" drinks I normally head for the bar closest to my home to shorten the ride.

Long story short, a couple of beers more and maybe a shot and I head home to make it an early evening. No harm, no foul as they say.

Then, the next morning comes along to let me know that I am no longer in my twenties anymore.

Do you know what I am talking about?

It starts with hitting the snooze button a couple of times because I feel absolutely drained. Then I notice I have a bit of a headache and things are just not settled in my stomach.

This is no way to face the day so I pop a few aspirins, hit the hot shower and grab a bagel to calm things down. But I can tell I am way out of sorts. What in the heck has happened?

A few drinks scattered over an evening and I wake up feeling like a train wreck.

In my youth, I would roll out of bed, take a couple sips of a warm beer left on the side table, smoke a cigarette and start all over again.

Now, this hangover type of feeling lasts for days.

Days... I tell you.

I miss the partying days from my youth. I don't remember them all too well but I know that I miss them.

Feeling beat up for days just for having a few drinks is just not fair. This is not a one-time occurrence either. It happens every time I imbibe in more than a couple of adult beverages. Beer, tequila, wine, cocktails... it makes no difference. Have I gotten that far out of shape (drinking wise that is)?

Has my body developed a strange immune reaction to my bad behaviors?

And let's not talk about how many times I now have to visit the restroom when drinking a couple of beers. Sometimes I miss entire conversations my friends are having at the bar. And let's definitely not talk about how many times during the night I have to get up to pee afterwards.

I really miss the partying days from my youth. I never realized how lucky I was back then.

Do you feel the same way?

Well, Baby Boomers, we have now discussed three "things" that I, as a Baby Boomer, miss from my youth:

1. Playing Sports
2. Eyesight
3. Drinking

Are they the same as yours? Do you have any idea what number four will be? Stay hungry my friends and we'll see tomorrow.