05/12/2014 05:34 pm ET Updated Jul 12, 2014

Why Bloggers Blog

One of the jobs of a "professional" blogger is to communicate, interact and engage with other "professional" bloggers.

Have you noticed how I have started to throw this word "professional" around to describe myself like I've been sanctioned by the Internet society as someone other than your average blogger?

Anyway, when socializing with my fellow wordsmiths, I come across many different styles, purposes and personalities.

A lot of times I get the opportunity to witness the emotional "angst" of a fellow professional blogger firsthand.

This usually happens when they are having "one of those days."

This means one of three things:

1. They are having writer's block and basically having difficulty coming up with a topic.

2. Something happened in their personal life that provoked them to write about it, only to find that once their article was completed, all they were doing was venting with no purpose


3. A reader replies with a mean, bitter and unsympathetic comment to their blog.

That's when, a few days later, you normally see them post a blog titled: "Why Bloggers Blog."

So you are probably wondering why that is the title of my blog today.

Well, sometimes good things do happen to good people.

These usually come when you least expect it, you are at your wit's end and are somewhere near the point where you are asking yourself why you do what you do.

Then, like a bolt of lightning out of the blue you are sent a sign that everything is OK.

What you are doing actually has some meaning and even affects people the way you had hoped.

You find out, in a small way, that you really are making a difference in this world.

You matter.

Or at least your blog does.

Well, my lightening bolt came about a week ago in the form of a comment left on my blog:

"Keys to a Better Life - 5 Things To Let Go Of."

This comment was left by a young lady named Stephanie.

"Luckily i read this in my young years because now all the years i will live will definitely not be wasted(sp).

Thank you for making my future better :)

Im happy that i have finally read something from a wise person not stuck in stupid(sp) expectations and sees the true value in life.

Grateful :)

just in case you are curious, i am 14 already making sure that i will not waist one second of my life like i have known others to do :))))))))))))"

What can I say?

I'm in for the long haul now.

Now I have to remain a "professional" blogger because I have made a difference in someone's life.

I hope when you are at your wit's end and are thinking of giving up on your life's calling, a bolt of lightning comes out of the blue to rekindle your passion and confirm that what you are doing is really important to others and you really are making a difference in this world.

Even better, I hope that I can be that bolt of lightning.

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