06/26/2013 09:46 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2013

The Power of Team

As many of us know, the power of a team is far stronger than the individual. By combining strengths you utilize the benefits of many and lessen the weaknesses. Too often the egos get in the way of folks who are too proud to ask for help. By doing this they are leaving money and good will on the table.

Running a large real estate organization, I see how agents at times want to do all the work -- from putting up the sign, to creating the marketing, attending all the showings, filling out the paper work, etc. The smart more profitable agent delegates certain tasks so that they can remain free to do the tasks that are more profitable. Each role, however, strikes a key balance in the success of the sale or transaction.

In most business that are average you see this as the rule. The owner of the bakery shop cleans, cooks, markets the business, keeps the books, etc. Where does the owner find time to grow? Most likely they stay in the average sector. The system-generated business owner is not afraid to employ a team of micro success units to handle certain areas of the business. This frees up time to work on the business not just in it and this owner flourishes.

After witnessing the advent of the Internet and how it has changed businesses, one thing still remains the same-customers. Businesses need customers to buy products and/or services. Without the commerce of moving products the company will close. What is the missing link? Where can the Team approach improve? How can one implement a strategy for continuous business and loyalty?

I see today more than ever an Appreciation Marketing Strategy is not just needed it must be in place firmly. When a consumer can purchase your product and then place a review online as either poor, average, good, great, or exceptional you best be prepared for the consequence. Google and other search engines have made it easy for this to happen. So how can one continue to hold on to those exceptional reviews and improve on those poor reviews?

Using Appreciation Marketing to thank those more and more often is the key ingredient for long loyal customer relationships. In addition, you can also make up for a bad experience. You want folks to remark about you right? You want folks to tell others about your great product/service right? This is your opportunity to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. By reaching out with a card and gift you separate yourself from 90 percent of other business owners. You build that foundation of trust and care that all consumers want. You let them know that their business is important to you and you appreciate them.

Now, how do you accelerate this system. YOU teach it to your ancillary partners. YOU teach it to your TEAM members. You have the belief system that by giving to give you will receive back what you send out. And most important your team members are on the same page. This as we mentioned earlier is far stronger than doing it by yourself. For example, during the sale process the real estate agent refers the client a plumber, electrician, attorney, loan officer, carpenter, landscaper, insurance, and home inspector. Let's say this team approach all sends a card and/or gift to the prospective buyer. During this usually time of pensive ups and downs associated with a sale, the buyer is showered with unexpected cards and gifts for the service or the opportunity to work in the future. How will the agent who referred these professionals look? They will look pretty good in the eyes of the client. Moreover, referrals from this client will flood to all.

This example can be reversed where any of the professionals involved can be the conduit that is the referring member. The actions will be reciprocated. Now how will this TEAM look in the future by practicing Appreciation Marketing...pretty darn good.

The Power of Team should not be under-estimated...Go out and create great teams practicing appreciation marketing and watch your business soar!