02/28/2013 10:59 am ET Updated Apr 30, 2013

The Power of Words

Kody Bateman, my mentor, has inspired me to take up the power of words. He is an
example of how using words can lift one up or keep one down. He brings everyone up
and I love that. The Power of Words should not be taken lightly by anyone.

For 30 years I have casually studied my family and friends on their use of words. I
witnessed from a strong Irish background living in the turbulent times of Boston, that
certain words could make a person wince. They could also start a family riot and cause
members not to communicate with one another for long periods of time. And this
experience caused my own sheepishness of fearing the wrong thing to say.

Why is this? Stubbornness? Pride? or ultimate foolishness? The old Irish joke is that
folks that have bad-tempered words toward one another, will hold that grudge for along
time. Then they openly cry like a baby when faced with their own selfishness at the
wake and/or the funeral of that recipient. What a shame. What a waste of precious
time and life.

Along these parallel lines of good and bad are how do we communicate in business so
that we can elicit positive results. Do we use words that may wedge clients away from
us or use words that attract clients towards us. Do we inspire through our words and
actions or do we complain and mope around like the average person would?

It is very easy to monitor oneself. Start by recording yourself with your trusted handheld
device. Be honest and let the free spirit of your native tongue run. After a week or so,
go back and listen to how you communicated. Were you a leader or a follower? Were
you direct or ambiguous? Did you use trite, cliche language that showcases average or
did you embark on journey that evokes and stimulates the brain?

The Power of Words can shape you into a rainmaker, entrepreneur, or chief of your
growing tribe. When YOU use words that command a positive image and situation you
will then cast that positive net farther and farther. Further, you move out of limited
beliefs and into unlimited beliefs. By expressing your positive tone, body movements,
eye contact, hand shake, you become the resource folks are thirsty for in todayʼs world.

For example, when I am asked "How are you, Jay?" either by phone or in person, I exclaim,
"Outstanding." The reaction I receive is a surprised laugh due to the fact that most folks
are receiving an average or negative response to that banal question. Our shelf life on
this earth is not very long. Why would anyone not want to live with purpose and
passion. Once I say "Outstanding" I am confirming my own positive mindset and I have
just changed the other person's mindset too -- in a constructive channel of communication.

Now that one has recognized their shortcoming, using words in the active voice instead
of the common more practiced passive voice will accelerate your business. Time and
time again I hear business folks either asking or blatantly apologizing for no reason.
Customers and clients want to be lead. They want consultants that are strong. They do not want jellyfish nor crabs. You have the Power of Words. Learn powerful words that
move mountains in the direction you want and your success will skyrocket.