11/28/2014 05:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Plus-Size Holiday Fashion: Tutus, Sequins, and Standing Out


This one is for the plus-size girls and women out there who've ever dressed to blend into the background during the holidays. Like many, I went through a period in my adolescence where I didn't like anyone to take pictures of me. Remember the days before digital or forward facing cameras? You had to pay to develop the film and wait to receive photos, only to get them and think, "Ugh, do I really look like that?" They made me wish I were invisible.

Someone once told me that you have to do what makes you scared, so that you'll never be scared again. So, somehow I became a fashion blogger.

When you're a plus-size girl, dressing up is a way of saying, "Not today, world!" I lucked out, because my coming-of-age was fortuitously aligned with the rise of on-trend, plus-size fashion. I think you can change your life one dress at a time. These days, there's no way I'd opt out of gorgeous holiday fashion, or family photos. Here are three holiday looks inspired by the beauty of this time of year.


Sweater by cushie b, Skirt by Ouma Etsy

Are you in the mood for romantic plus size fashion these holidays? This champagne-hued tutu skirt is pure love. You'll feel a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw -- minus all the character flaws -- I promise. It's a stand out party look with fancy sweaters and jackets alike. Get ready to twirl.


Dress from ASOS, Heels from J Crew

A sequin shift is a bold choice for plus sizes, and a fun one to wear. This look was inspired by the lights of the season. I love those big bright bulbs -- the glass ones that are apparently too dangerous now. LED lights just don't compare. This dress is somewhere between copper and rose gold, and would be an unexpected choice for New Year's Eve.


Jumpsuit: ASOS, Coat: Melissa Masse

Minimalist fashion is all over runways and magazines, so I wanted to do a holiday version of this trend in plus-size. I was able to do it with gorgeous tweed coat with metallic threads running throughout. For this day, I wore it over a black jumpsuit and tried to think Kim Kardashian thoughts. It's the kind of coat that will help you make an entrance at all the parties.

May all your selfies be perfect and may all your holidays be bright.

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