09/04/2012 04:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

I Told You About Eastwood a Month Ago on the Huffington Post!

Photo by Andrew Smirnow

On August 6th, Huffington Post ran a post I wrote (here) about Clint Eastwood -- about how I intensely disliked him personally and as a Republican icon. I gave a long, definitive statement outlining my reasons. I received many vitriolic comments on that story, as well as favorable ones. Then, on the closing night of the Republican convention last week, that toddering old man came onstage and shot himself in the foot forever. Mary McNamara headlined in the Los Angeles Times, "Did Clint Tarnish His Film Legacy?" and answered firmly in the positive. You'll recall that Clint spoke to an empty chair supposedly holding President Obama, including several off-color, bad jokes. By the way, the 'empty chair' gimmick was something I remember seeing first years ago from a comic, Morey Amsterdam, on The Late Show, while Stella Adler always used it in her dramatic teaching class. So you will forgive me if I play a little tune on my whistle touting the fact that I had his measure long before anyone else dared do so. And, in case you missed the original article, you can find it below, so enjoy. And tip your hat to the Huffington Post for publishing my post where I called the shot four weeks ago.

Read here for my August 6th Huffington article about Eastwood.