06/14/2012 01:02 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2012

Memo to President Obama: Please Take This Drastic Step!

I live in an affluent, afflicted, amazing society here in Los Angeles. Most of my close friends are liberals, Democrats, with the occasional Republican (including my nephew, drat) to keep me on my toes. I grew up as a diehard Roosevelt Democrat, and I don't think I could ever change my stripes. But I am startled that many, yes many of my friends and acquaintances are beginning to express misgivings about President Obama and his chances for reelection. Wow, that is disturbing, alarming to me. The thought of the other candidate winning is an anathema to me. So I am hereby proposing a dramatic, drastic move by President Obama which, I am certain, would guarantee his reelection. Namely, select Hillary Rodham Clinton as your vice presidential candidate!

Yes, I know, I know, it would be disloyal to the loyal Joe Biden... but drastic times impose drastic moves. There had been some talk a few months ago about Hillary and Joe switching jobs, but that disappeared... V.P. Biden put his foot in his mouth too many times for it to be a viable option (gay marriage, for one.) And Hillary has proclaimed her desire to retire as secretary of state at the end of this term, saying she will return to private life and write her memoirs. I still remember her concession speech four years ago, in the 2008 Democratic primary race, when she thanked her supporters for "putting 18 million cracks in the highest glass ceiling." Now we need those millions of voters to join in the fight to preserve what President Obama has begun to achieve.

The implied political fallout of this move would be to make Hillary the front-runner for the Democratic candidacy in 2016, of course. Which would be a spectacular success in 'busting' the glass ceiling if the second term resulted in the solid achievements which I confidently feel it could make. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, actually speculated aloud that this could be a real possibility. Need I point out that her popularity is at an all-time high, with a favorability rating of 65 percent, her highest ever. She has been a fabulous cabinet officer, and many of my friends have speculated to me that they feel she would have made a great president if she had won the nomination. I do feel assured that if, by chance, my suggestion became a reality, Hillary would play a major role in the next administration in such areas as women's issues and human rights. She has proved herself to be global leader, a successful senator from New York and then a powerful, confident secretary of state. Her vice presidency would certainly be the most forthright and influential in our nation's history... and the promise of a springboard to the presidency in 2016 is a strong, strong factor in her accepting this post.

So, President Obama, go to it! Please.