02/07/2007 02:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Designated Doofus

They don't mess around with designated drivers at Carlie's Lounge in Pinellas Park, Florida. Bar owner Vincent Romano allegedly tossed Gary Maujean, Jr. from the bar for serving as a designated driver for his wife and friends. Apparently, the tab on his Cokes wasn't big enough, though the rest of his party ordered alcoholic drinks and food.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Maujean gave this account in a police report and a subsequent law suit: "'He gets up in my face, and he said, 'All you had was Coke and water. I got employees to pay and a band I got to pay, and either drink something or get the hell out of the bar.' I told him again I was the designated driver.'" After being ejected, Maujean was allegedly tackled from behind by a bouncer, requiring 18 stitches.

The incident came to the attention of Florida State Sen. Mike Fasano, who has introduced legislation to outlaw discrimination against designated drivers, which could result in a bar losing its license. Though I agree with the sentiment behind the legislation, a better approach might employ public shame: publish the bar owner's photo with the caption, "Designated Doofus".