05/23/2014 12:13 pm ET Updated Jul 23, 2014

Using Social Media As a Teenager

We are the generation of social media, and we all look to each other to determine how we should be using it. For some weird reason, we all use it differently.

Some use it for the occasional selfie, and some are constantly telling the world what they're having for breakfast, snack number one, lunch, snack number two and dinner. I follow some people who are dedicated to posting their weekly Man Crush Mondays (#MCM), Women Crush Wednesdays (#WCW), Throwback Thursdays (#TBT) and/or Flashback Fridays (#FF).

I don't use social media the same way my friends do. I am usually using my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote my business, and the brand that I've developed over the years. I have actually used Twitter to reach out to many celebrities, such as Jordin Sparks. Thanks to our engagements on Twitter, I actually work directly with her non-profit, The MAD Girls Inc. as a consultant. So I'm pretty sure that you're not using social media with the same purpose as myself, right?

The reason businesses and celebrities use social media is different than the reasons the average teenager uses it. It's a proven fact that businesses are going for brand identity, customer service, customer acquisition and customer engagement. I have one question thought, what's your purpose in using social media?

Many adults and psychologists say that we're obsessed with ourselves, and feel the need to broadcast it to the world. In the Daily Mail, the Head of King's College School, commented on this saying, "social media makes teenagers feel like inadequate star of their own second-rate biopic." He also went on to say that using social media exposes us to bullying and opens up the possibility of teens worrying about their body image.

Honestly, I don't see this statement as entirely true. Yes, it may expose us to bullying but I highly doubt that social media makes us more vulnerable to worrying about our body images.

I don't think that social media gives a young teenage girl more reason to be worried about her body, any more than a Victoria's Secret commercial. Nor do I see any more reason for a teenage boy to feel worried about his body image over social media than from entering a Hollister store on Black Friday.

On a headline reads, "The selfie syndrome: Why teens use social media for validation and how parents can counteract it." Do we really use social media to validate our looks? Are we dependent on Instagram likes and Twitter favorites? Are we any more obsessed with ourselves than our parents were as teenagers, 30 years ago (way before social media)?

Personally, I don't feel that any psychologist, doctor, parent or teacher can stereotype all teenagers that use social media.

What are your thoughts on the media's idea of why we use social media? Why do you use social media? Sound off in the comments below!

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