10/16/2012 03:42 pm ET Updated Dec 13, 2012

Rip Van Romney

Which fairy tale character slept hundreds of years? Rip Van Winkle, right?

Well, Mr. Winkle now has a political counterpart: Rip Van Romney.

Rip Van Romney slept through the revolutionary war. He slept through the signing of the Declaration of Independence. After all, had he been awake, he would have heard what Mr. Jefferson had to say about those insidious bankers.

Rip Van Romney slept through the Civil War, through the New Deal, through the Civil Rights Act, through LBJ's Great Society, and war on poverty.

Oh, and a fascinating tidbit. Mitt Romney's dad, George Romney, aligned himself with moderate Republicans, and opposed the election of Barry Goldwater. Apparently, Rip Van Romney slept through that, too.

He slept through Roe v. Wade, through the Voting Rights Act, through affirmative action.

Van Romney slept through Vietnam, and Iraq, both times. He slept through Afghanistan. Not one of the Romney clan has ever met the battlefield eye to eye.

And, left to their own devices, the GOP will sleep through the emerging economic recovery. They have done everything they could, but even the GOP couldn't prevent the present upswing in the housing market, the small but steady decrease in unemployment, the movement from negative to positive columns on job growth, the rise in retail sales, and the renaissance in consumer confidence.

America doesn't need a reset. America needs to continue on the road to recovery. Let Rip Van Romney bask in his slumber, and re-elect President Obama.