05/22/2013 06:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Ways to Prepare for the Release of Call of Duty: Ghosts

On Wednesday, May 1 2013, the first official trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts was released and sent gamers into a tizzy of excitement and counting down the days to release. The teaser was brief, living up to its name, and only offered fans a glimpse of warriors in masks while promising a November 5 release date, which will seem eons long to those clamoring for a copy. Given the limited hints at what the latest installment will entail, it's still a bit too early for any real criticism to crop up.


However, the online gaming forums are alive with people already piping up about what they expect to be the disappointments -- along with plenty of fervent excitement to balance it out. The biggest potential criticism is that, except for some changes to headgear, it's going to be the same game as we've seen before. While this may turn out to be true, I like it when series stick to what works; otherwise the game risks alienating the hardcore, loyal fans. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, fan or critic, here are 5 ways to prepare for the November 5 release of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

1. Collect Rations

This is going to be Southeast Asian-level epic gaming, and every warrior needs the right gruel and snacks to make it until the end. Stock up in the early autumn for the essentials like Mountain Dew or Red Bull (gamer's choice), a new Keurig, beef sticks and other favorites that won't leave your hands too slippery for gaming. If friends will be invited over to partake in the fray, plan accordingly with extra toilet paper, food and a handy pizza delivery number.

2. Get Ahead at the Office

If a gamer is a type-A personality, the last thing they need is to worry over those TPS reports rattling around in the back of their mind on gaming weekend. Start planning now to get ahead; doing just a little extra each week will add up handsomely by November 5. Check to see if any big events are happening in the autumn that might cause a disruption, and if time off is available, request it right now before the other gamers do. If an intern is available, now is the perfect time to assign that overdue filing to them.

3. Prepare Your Hands

Nothing ruins a CoD marathon like blisters or sore hands. The best way to prepare is with practice, so start gaming at least 30 minutes every night (one hour is preferable) so that your hands get used to it. Don't worry about your wife, girlfriend, husband, or significant other bothering you about playing too much; just remind them that CoD is serious business, and you need all the practice and finger exercise you can get.

4. Amass a Variety of Seating Options

Each gamer already has their favorite chair, but even the comfiest ones can get a little rickety after many hours of hardcore gaming. That's why it's best to simply have a variety on hand, each with ergonomic support, and don't forget about all your friends that will be over. Allow them to relax in a comfy bean bag chair that'll keep them so comfortable, they won't want to leave (keep that party going all night!).

5. Plan the November 4 Campout

Identify which store will be the go-to spot to score the game first and consider the weather conditions. Are lawn chairs needed? What about a sleeping bag? Call the store and ask what time they recommend arriving, since they know their clientele best.

Finally, make the most of that leftover Halloween candy. That's enough sugar to keep gamers going until victory.

What else will you be doing to prepare for Call of Duty: Ghosts? Tell me what awesome preparations you're making in the comments!