12/18/2012 02:38 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2013

Predicting the Future of Google

Since their creation over a decade ago, Google has consistently been one of the most innovative companies on the internet. When other search engines were offering results by measuring factors that now seem almost foolish, Google was determining results based on authority links. As others have had tumultuous rises and falls, Google has continued along, finding new opportunities sometimes, and creating new opportunities other times.

Evolving Search

Even though many SEOs have disagreed with most of the changes Google has made to the algorithm used to rank websites, they have delivered consistently high quality results. As such, they have also helped to legitimize the industry as a whole. As Google has better identified quality websites and pages, the quality of SEO practices has also increased accordingly.

From a perspective focusing solely on search, Google is by far the most innovative player in the market.

Google's Contributions To Advancements In Technology

Aside from search and its impact on SEO, Google has shown itself to be one of the most innovative technology companies as well. Most notably starting with Google Street View, giving mapping technology a new and interactive feel, the Android mobile operating system, self driving cars, Google Now's ability to rival Siri and now their recent development of Google Glass, which is a whole new way of connecting mobile, computing and users that almost seems too futuristic to be true. They are even involved shopping, video sharing, social networking and gaming.

Where Is Google Headed?

That is a great question, and with the recent advancements Google has made in the last several years, it is an exciting guessing game to play. The inclusion of Google's Knowledge Graph for search results, as well as the above mentioned tech advancements would indicate that Google is headed towards becoming a full service lifestyle tool.

As Google continues its predictive technologies, it's not far-fetched to predict that Google is essentially aiming to become a full service technological concierge. The only real question is how inclusive Google can make its technologies, and what its competitors may develop to rival Google's products and push innovation even further.

Are There Any Limits?

Considering that Google has begun developing technologies only previously seen in science fiction, it's difficult to claim that Google has any limits on where it will go in the future. The best prediction is likely to be the biggest and most flamboyant. Google's future lies in making every action of our lives easier and more connected with the world around us.