03/12/2013 06:03 pm ET Updated May 12, 2013

Has Kim Grown Tired of Keeping Up With the Kardashians ?

There's been some evidence that Kim has been trying to separate herself from her sisters -- not to mention her Momager -- for some time. However, the debut of a pregnant Kim Kardashian might finally give her the push she needs to break free. While few things are often real in the world of reality TV, this kerfuffle just might have some grains of truth. Here's a look at the evidence that Kimmy has outgrown the rest of the fam.

Mom's Mad

It's been reported that mom Kris Jenner is "livid" that Kim wants to make season nine -- yes, that's nine full seasons -- of Keeping Up with the Kardashians her last. While gossip is plentiful in La La Land, this was reported on IMDB which is a reputable source. Of course, it's understandable as a manager that Kris is flipping out since Kim is the glue that holds the family's stardom together. However, as a mother, her reaction reminds viewers of when she supposedly leaked her own daughter's sex tape.

Baby (and Kanye) Come First

According to Kim, Kanye has helped her discover the importance of privacy. That might seem laughable to some people, but it actually does ring true. How often is Kanye in the press (prior to his pre-Kim days?). For the most part he keeps out of the spotlight when he doesn't control it and can probably teach Kim a few things about doing the same. Kanye's stayed out of the reality series for the most part and in a recent episode, Kim flat-out told her family that her baby -- and her man -- come first now.

She Doesn't Need to Keep up with Anyone

Kim's net worth is reportedly $80 million and, if she has a financial advisor who has a clue at all, that's more than enough to live a luxury-laden lifestyle solely through investments. She's a model, spokesmodel, part of the Dash line and can make serious cash simply by showing up at events. Displaying her life for the world to see got her to where she is, and now it's time to bow out gracefully. People often compare her to Paris Hilton, but there's a key difference everyone forgets. Paris inherited her fortune -- Kim made hers from the bottom up, no matter what anyone says.

Call it a Technicality...

Just because Kim's talking about quitting the family show doesn't mean she won't continue to branch off and do her own thing. Remember the episode where her family was upset that she was collaborating on a foreign lingerie line which, according to her sisters, was the competition? Kim didn't think she was in the wrong since the Kardashian Kollection is based in the U.S. However, it's a hint that Kim knows she's the star of the family and would rather keep her fortune to herself than continue to spread the wealth. Is a Kimye reality show secretly on deck?

The End of the Line?

It's exhausting to be a reality star, especially to the extent that Kim has managed. All other possibilities aside, it's very feasible that she's simply tired, worn out and ready to move on. After all, she's accumulated millions and made a name for her entire family along the way. At 32 years old, maybe it's time for a break and a change of pace. All of her anti-fans will be happy to hear that and -- just like winning the jackpot in Vegas -- it might be possible for Kim to get in and out of the spotlight with a huge fortune to show for it.

However, don't expect the Kardashian Klan to go down without a fight. Kris has dogged ambition, and who knows what's going on when the cameras turn off. Is a baby and Kanye enough to help Kim cut the cord for good? Or will she have to move onto another man who's moniker starts with a "K"?