08/13/2013 03:04 pm ET Updated Oct 13, 2013

Amazing Arms in 7 Moves

Yes, we all love beautifully-sculpted arms to show off in our sleeveless shirts and strapless dresses! There's nothing more powerful than the confidence you gain from knowing that you can push or pull your way through life with your upper body strength. It's needed in everyday life to carry groceries, lift luggage, lift up children and sometimes even push or pull yourself or your loved ones out of danger.

Here are seven amazing arm exercises that will help you build your upper body strength while toning and defining beautifully-sculpted arms. All of these exercises also incorporate the legs and the core to increase your calorie burn, which will help you burn the fat over your arms.

Do each exercise with no weight to learn the form and technique. Once you feel confident with your form then start with 3-pound dumbbells and then progress to 5 pounds or 8 pounds. On the push ups and yoga chaturangas, start on your knees and progress to your toes once you have built up your strength. Allow yourself to be a beginner. If you are committed and consistent to this arm workout once or twice a week, you will increase in muscular strength and endurance each time you do it! Let's go! Time for amazing arms!

For exercise moves 1-6, do 10-30 reps
Beginners: 10 reps
Intermediate: 10-20 reps
Advanced: 20-30 reps

For exercise move number 7, the flowing yoga sequence do 4-8 reps
Beginners: 2-4 reps
Intermediate 4-6 reps
Advanced: 6-8 reps

Repeat all seven moves three times!

1) Push-Ups to Side Plank

This exercise will strengthen and tone the back, chest, arms, shoulders and core.

2) Back Flys/Back Row Combo

This exercise will strengthen and tone the back and shoulder.

3) Power Punch

This is a cardio blast that will elevate your heart rate to help you burn more calories, which in turn will help you burn more fat while toning the back and arms.

4) Sumo Squat with Cross Jabs

This exercise tones and strengths the legs, butt, abs, back, shoulders and arms.

5) Squat with Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

This exercise tones and strengths the legs, butt, abs, back, shoulders and biceps.

6) Mountain Climbers to Cross Torso Rotation

This is a cardio blast exercise that will elevate your heart rate and increase your calorie burn. At the same time you are holding a plank which will strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, back and chest. This exercise also targets the abs, obliques and legs.

7) Flowing Yoga Crescent Pose with Up Dog, Downward Facing Dog and Chaturanga

This yoga sequence will strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, core, back and chest while opening up the hip flexors.

All of these arm exercises are from four different Jeanette Jenkins/Hollywood Trainer home workouts that are available as downloads to play on your phone or PC: Cardio Kickboxing, Bikini Bootcamp, Blast The Belly Fat & Power Yoga! You can find these workouts and more fitness and nutrition tips on her website at The Hollywood Trainer. Start working those arms!

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