09/06/2012 01:30 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2012

The Best Things to Buy in September

If you live according to the academic calendar, September feels more like the start of a new year than January -- that's why many manufacturers treat it as such. The transition from summer to fall is a great time to release new models and send the old to the clearance section. Here's what you can save on in September.

Bicycles. Now's the time to get your family equipped with bikes for next spring. It's a low-cost exercise machine that can have big results -- you burn around 600 calories an hour cycling at a moderate pace.

Wine. It's harvest season, which means it's time to move inventory. Shop at a grocery or drug store that offers discounts when you buy a 6-pack. Typically you can save an additional 10 percent.

Large Appliances. Check with manufacturers of large appliances. Many have new models coming out in fall, which means discounts on last year's models. Before you buy a new appliance, check the Energy Star website for special offers and rebates in your area. You may also receive a rebate when you recycle an old appliance like a refrigerator.

Grills and Accessories. As grilling season comes to an end, stores want to move barbecue equipment out the door. Start shopping this Labor Day weekend or get free delivery on gas and charcoal grills from Lowe's.

Luggage. Look for luggage sales during Labor Day weekend. Quality bags are made from durable nylon or leather, with flexible framing, sturdy zippers, and hard plastic wheels. An overweight bag can cost you in fees, so make sure luggage is lightweight. Check out the coupon codes section for handbags and luggage.

Pool Equipment. Get a head start on next summer's pool party by buying pool gear or even a prefabricated pool. Save $20 of orders of $100 or more at Specialty Pool Products.

One more tip: The end of wedding season also means it's a good time to shop for china, housewares and small appliances you would typically find on a wedding registry.