06/07/2013 11:14 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

Summer Sales: What to Save on This Month

School days are winding down and we are slowly transitioning our mindset into vacation and summer mode. Stores will also be transitioning with some sales you should be sure to take advantage of -- here's my list of items to buy this month.

Party stores: A lot of partying happens this month, whether you're celebrating a grad, a dad or hosting a summer kickoff party. Look for deals at party supply stores all month long, especially clearance sales midmonth when some of the major celebrations are over.

Home improvement stores: Shoppers head here for Father's Day gifts and supplies for good weather home improvement projects. Find the fine line between quantity and quality. It may be tempting to buy the 100-piece tool set for $40, but instead, slowly build your tool kit by purchasing a few quality items at a time.

Grocery store: There are always great savings to be found at the grocery store, but certain aisles will shine this month. Pay homage to National Dairy Month by looking for sales on yogurt, cheese and eggs. Hit the produce aisle for a new batch of seasonal produce like berries, stone fruits, melons, summer squash and tomatoes. Then take a trip down the condiment aisle and stock up on enough ketchup, salad dressing and barbecue sauce to last you all summer long.

Outdoor recreation stores: June is home to National Fishing & Boating Week and National Get Outdoors Day, making June a great time to do just that -- get outdoors! It's also a convenient time to stock up on fishing, camping and hiking gear since stores are well stocked and promoting their merchandise.

Final tip: June marks the middle of the year, which means many stores are gearing up for semiannual sales. Keep an eye out for these huge sales and their equally big savings.