02/05/2013 01:48 pm ET

Build Your Strong Relationship on... Sexy Credit

Today, there is a new element arising -- something that might surprise you: Measuring the relationship potential of someone based on their credit score.

A few years ago, it would have been shocking, even taboo, to broach the subject of credit scores while on a date. But an increasing number of people are talking about it, even as early as the first day. During my recent speaking events, I'm more frequently asked about the connection between credit scores and dating. It recently has been a hot topic.

While we can't ignore the other factors of a good relationship -- like attraction and compatibility -- a credit score is certainly worth considering before you get serious:

• A low credit score might suggest that they are less responsible with their resources. And if things get really serious and you start making major purchases together, their low credit score might cost the two of you money in higher interest payments (or you might be required to risk your credit score to apply for all of your loans and mortgages).

• A high credit score might suggest that they are serious about life, have a good long-term perspective in mind, and are financially sound, and it's an additional signal to you that they could be a contributing partner to the relationship.

When you compare what a low credit score versus a high credit score suggests, a higher credit score definitely seems sexier!

Of course I'm not suggesting that you should lead off on the first date with a discussion of credit scores, nor should you drop someone like a rock if their credit score is lower than yours. But building a relationship is all about pulling together clues about a person and assessing whether the two of you will be a good long-term fit. You use their actions and words to help you discover those clues, and you can also use a frank discussion of credit as another clue to help you.

Healthy credit and higher credit scores are a reward in and of themselves. But this new financially-savvy world we live in is paying very close attention to credit scores, so now you have an additional reason to make sure that your credit is as sexy as it can be!