12/27/2011 04:02 pm ET

Rely on These Four Professionals for Your Financial Health

When you want to stay fit, you know that exercise and diet are essential. But for anything more serious, you rely on professionals like a fitness trainer, doctor, or chiropractor to help you.
It's not just your physical health that requires the insight of a professional. Your financial health can be just as important to your well-being. You can manage the basic stuff yourself, of course, but for more advanced financial decisions, you need to rely on the advice of these four financial professionals who can provide you with expert insight like a doctor or a dentist:

Accountants deal with today's money. An accountant can make sure that you are paying only your fair share of taxes (and nothing more) and is especially helpful around tax time to keep you sane by filing accurate, on-time income tax forms for you. They can give you good advice to help you manage the money you have and make sure that you keep as much of it as possible.

Financial advisors deal with tomorrow's money. A financial advisor can help you understand your current financial situation and they have access to tools that will help you increase your net worth through a portfolio of strategically selected investments (like stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds).

Geri Eisenman Pell (CFP, MBA), a Private Wealth Advisor from Geri Pell & Associates, adds: "You work hard for your money. You owe it to yourself to sit down with a professional and make sure you reach all of your goals. Most people avoid thinking about their finances and find using a professional gives them peace of mind and more free time."

Credit consultants deal with money you can borrow. Although you can monitor your own credit rating through a service like, a credit consultant provides expertise to help you improve your credit rating regardless of what the number is. If you have "bad credit" and want to make it better, or if you have good credit and want to enjoy lower the interest rates awarded to people with great credit, a credit consultant is the professional to work with to improve and maintain.

Insurance brokers deal with protecting your money. Most of the professionals listed above help you to improve your financial position in the near-term or long-term. An insurance broker approaches your financial health from a different angle with invaluable contingency planning to minimize financial pain resulting from an insured loss (including disability, death, collision, theft, etc.).

You can handle your own day-to-day bank balancing and bill-payments; just like you can maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself. But sometimes you need deeper insight that can only come from a qualified professional. You probably have a trainer, doctor, and maybe a chiropractor on your speed dial... but do you have the same relationship with the four financial professionals listed above? Find an accountant, financial advisor, credit consultant, and insurance broker who can help you achieve optimum financial health and get to know them.