01/07/2013 09:52 pm ET

What Happens When Your Date Pops 'the Question'... the Credit Question?

Credit scores are becoming increasingly important to people: For example, more companies are reporting to credit reporting agencies, and even employers are sometimes pulling the credit report of their employees. Recently, one trend is catching the attention of people everywhere: credit scores and dating.

If you are sitting in your date's car after a romantic even of wine and roses, and they lean over to you and asks, "So, what's your credit score?"... What do you answer?

It might surprise you to learn that the credit score question is starting to pop up on dates. But it makes sense. Couples in a deepening romantic relationship should be interested in the credit scores of the person they are dating. After all, every couple broaches the questions of "how much money do you earn?" and "do you have a savings?" and credit scores provide another glimpse into the potential compatibility of the romantic partner. Credit scores hint at a person's ability to handle and navigate the complexities of personal finance.

So if you are in the dating scene, you might end up being asked "the question" -- the credit question -- on a date. Here's how to be prepared with some tips:

1. Pull your credit reports (from Experian, Trans Union & Equifax) and get to know them well. Investing some time here can reap romantic rewards later!

2. Since a majority of credit reports contain some errors, review your credit reports for errors and dispute them with the agency on whose report they appear. You don't want someone else's information hindering your romantic life.

3. Pay your credit cards off (or, at least pay them down). Who knew that credit card debt could throw a dating relationship into jeopardy?

4. Identify some good credit habits -- like paying bills on time or using all credit cards on a rotational basis to keep any of them from getting stale -- and work developing those positive habits. If you're having trouble adopting a habit, just keep the bigger dating picture in mind!

5. Schedule reminders to pull your credit at least once every six months.You'll become an authority on your own credit and will be able to expertly handle the credit question when asked.

The credit question doesn't have to threaten a relationship. Like all other personal questions that are asked while dating, it should start a conversation that could potentially deepen the relationship and bring the two of you closer together.