04/25/2012 01:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Being Humbled By Children

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I am a twenty four year old Masters of Social Work student at the University of Louisville. What I want to do before I die is to be truly humbled by the children of the world. My entire life I have been taught about how fortunate we are in the US, and how much we actually take for granted. I want to take this idea on full force and experience what it's like to be humbled through the eyes of another person.

I have been so blessed in my life to be able to have found a job right after graduating high school that paid my entire undergraduate tuition. Now I am working on my Masters and continue to strive to be finally done, after seven years of college. Through my many social work classes I was told to have a worldview, but this concept was foreign to me since I have never visited anywhere else in the world. I realized after completing my undergrad internship in a mixed income school that many children are the eyes of their environment.

My hope one day is that I would be able to be humbled in my own life through the eyes of an improvised child in one of the poorest places on earth. I know that myself and many other Americans take for granted the fulfilling lives we have in the US. If I am able to accomplish my goal of visiting one of the poorest places in the world and help the children in the area, then possibly others will realize how much we actually do have in the US. We often times get tangled up in our own lives that we forget to realize that if we don't catch the subway on time or can't get off work fast enough, we still have more than others do and should be thankful.

Our own world views can be changed in an instant if we allow ourselves to be culturally open and aware. I want to experience this to the fullest extent, while also showing others to view the world in a different way. This wish means so much to me because I forget and other Americans forget that we must be humble, while also helping those that are less fortunate than us. If I am able to personally help children in another part of the world I will be able to bring a worldview home and share it in my own community. This wish can impact more than just me but also children in another part of the world.