09/18/2012 03:01 pm ET Updated Nov 18, 2012

Soul Mates of Karmic Connections?

A marriage made in heaven! Or hell. We find examples of one or the other. Okay, there may be limbo states too, but exclamations of extreme descriptions are what often mark a relationship or marriage. You can make your marriage or relationship a heaven or a hell. Can you really? In the esoteric belief system of soul connections that come together in relationships and marriage, there are terms that crop up, terms like soul mates or karmic soul connections.

People think soul mates are always harmonious relationships involving that perfect other who looks for us through space, time, and many lifetimes to be together happily every after now. Yes, for soul mates to come together, there have been past life connections, but there is more to this idea than just romantic fantasy. Soul mate definitions actually mean the coming together of two souls (or even more) that have a shared purpose or destiny they have to achieve together in this physical life. Therefore, a higher mission, one that may be global, community-based or personal in its transformative power is the result of the meeting of soul mates. They urge each other forward toward growth and expanded awareness, and this is often with joy and harmony. This is why such a meeting can actually be made in heaven for the natural peace and harmony that the couple expresses in their togetherness. This is when everything seems just complete and right between them. Where despite the personality flaws, the deeper union brings a sense of totality and completeness and bliss is experienced. When the joint life mission is even more clear between the couple, the union becomes a powerful tool at bringing the light and love into this world.

Karmic soul connections are also quite easy to observe in couples. These are couples caught up in more intense and cathartic, often painful relationships. It often begins by some intense sexual attraction, reactions such as, "My world stopped when I met her/him" or, "There was this great intensity that made me just want to be with him/her." Such feelings often bring two people together, the energies between them so intense that they cannot but come together despite all logic. In the beginning, the newness of the energy exchange is intense and high (falling madly and irrationally in love). As the relationship stabilized the intensities turn to jealousies, rages, power play, etc. This starts the karmic turn in growth, where the couple must learn powerful and important lessons from each other. Abusive relationships also fall under this category. These are relationships where one cannot seem to get away from the other, or when one's total co-dependence state is defined in an unhealthy relationship that eats at the serenity of the soul.

When couples find themselves in this state, it is necessary to see that transformative work is not just done on the personality level, but must be seen in the soul level. Changes must emanate from a deeper level of the soul direction, values and belief in one's role in this life. The signs that a karmic relationship is being worked on and due payments between the couple are being balanced out is when release is obtained (either through the break up, death or detachment), when one can send the other off in love, not anger or cold detachment, but find only compassionate love between them. Only at this stage can you say karma has been finished.

The person you are with now, the person you may have been with before. All coupling is perfect. I say this since the Creator's plan is perfect. Each one comes into your life for a purpose and nothing was every a mistake. When that person is no longer in your life, it is because the mission together or the karma has been worked on. And thus we move on, either alone toward community relations, or look toward another intimate relationship for more growth experiences.

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