08/09/2012 02:08 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

Speech Is Energy

A friend of mine called to ask if there was a different reason as to why she could not shake off her sore throat for the past month or so. She wanted to know if there was a reason for this in the etheric level. Since energy manifests itself in the etheric level and is finally expressed in the physical level, then sickness or any dis-ease will normally have its roots at the etheric level. I responded by saying that she must have something inside her she cannot say, something that she is not finding enough will to do, say or bring out. This is because her dis-ease was at the throat area, and it is there where one energy center (the fifth charka or the throat charka, chakra being the sanskrit word for energy center) can be found. This energy center stands for everything one says and believes in and also the will to be able to say it clearly and truthfully.

My friend thought my explanation apt as she, being a writer, was actually in the last editing phase of her book. This collection of writings has been something she had been working with for years and now she was in the stage of compiling her spiritual journeys and insights. For someone like her, known as a hardcore writer and journalist, such spiritual topics would truly be difficult to birth. And thus, her sore throat at this point of her life symbolized that blocked energy waiting to be released.

It was synchronicity that after talking to my friend, I picked up a yoga magazine that had something on speech -- of how one has to have the "four speeches" to allow for the "full-spectrum truth" to come from the head, to the mouth, via the tongue and emerge out of the nose via the breath and fully supported by the eyes as telepathic waves move with sound to the ears of the listener. The article gave the example of singing a hymn... where the song releases its deepest meaning and secret when every word is pronounced, with the inflection and melody. Then the song must be sung with the passion from the heart to single-mindedly bring out the message of the song while surrendering one's being to the act of singing that hymn.

Speech is energy. Like thought and movement or action, speech and everything else in this world of ours (seen and unseen) is energy. It is energy that moves about in different levels and dimensions. Speech, meanwhile, has a special connection that grounds us to our actions and the physical world. We react to the world and our relationships by communicating our thoughts. And yet, we are not always aware how preciously powerful speech really is.

The speech energy comes from one source, and this is the throat charka. Have you ever noticed that when you abuse or overuse your voice -- like screaming at the top of our lungs -- your voice in particular robs you of energy to speak deeply. When we lose the ability to speak deeply, we also lose the ability to speak our truth. On the other hand, when we gab and gab and let all that hot air out with no sense, words leak out of us, and we are nowhere near our truths. This is the first level of speaking... this ordinary verbal speaking, this kind we all hear and use daily, the physical speech that are words with sound to communicate and to express that we are doing about our world, in our own way. So we ask someone what they want for lunch. We gossip about the latest love triangles. We tell our husband not to forget to pick up the kids. This first level of speech activity is something we never even put two or three cents worth of thinking time into.

The second level is mental speech. This is the energy of speech that stays inside our mind. These are the internal monologues and dialogues we have about our wisdom and ideas (or the lack of them!). This is the level that we use to harness our rational mind, our emotional thoughts and feelings that would spur our intention to act on something. This is also where the unruly "monkey mind" often stays, where our mental speech chatters too much and no sense can be made of anything inside our minds.

The third level is single-minded speech. When we can identify with this level, it shows that we are becoming more sensitive. This level shows where our energies are focused with intent. These intentions, sharp and clear, are what we want, desire, need and go for. This is the beginning of the will that directs our life. The highest or fourth level is pure intention. This is where the source of all speech emanates from... where the form of speech has no thought but just "is." This is the root and essence of speech and is often the innermost part of us, this space that connects us to the true self, where our truth resides. When we speak from the heart, we make use of the four speeches. And only in this manner can we say we are really speaking our truth.

So it is when we are truly and deeply in love with someone that we are speaking a great truth when we mouth "I love you." And likewise, when we feel something of great emotion, like anger, hatred, jealousy, we are also speaking. This is why even as we joke and say "I hate you!" the words release a negative energy that speaks of some part of a truth inside, no matter how flippant it may have been said. Remember that speech is energy, and energy makes up matter and our physical world. So when we speak, we actually build the kind of experiences that surround us and that we attract. We "call" to us the kind of life we are having. So there is a connection after all. When in a deep blue funk, lets stop and reflect -- what is it that we are saying or cannot say?

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