11/12/2012 12:32 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2013

Arizonans Still Fighting Voter Suppression: Who Will Join Them? (VIDEO)

The provisional and early ballot debacle continues to unfold this week in Arizona, where the outcome of several high-profile races remains uncertain. As an unprecedented number of cases emerge around registration problems, dubious provisional ballot measures and still uncounted early ballots, especially in heavy Latino-voting neighborhoods, citizens groups in Maricopa County and around the state are ramping up protests and calling on voters to chronicle any difficulties at last week's voting polls.

"We are especially interested in providing examples to the press of real people who encountered difficulty voting on election day, did not receive their ballot in the mail, was not included on the voter list, etc.," Randy Parraz, president of Citizens for a Better Arizona, wrote in an email alert. "Please forward to me anyone that falls into any of these categories."

Questions abound:

In the face of record early Latino voting, did Maricopa County engage in blatant voter suppression?

Given the Department of Justice law suit over racial profiling and mounting post-SB 1070 fallout, will Maricopa County citizens now lead a recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio effort?

Legendary Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman released this short film on protests in Phoenix, demanding accountability and clarification on the extraordinary levels of provisional ballots and voting problems in Latino areas overseen by Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell. The final tallies, according to the Maricopa County office, is due on November 16.

Video courtesy of Dennis Gilman

According to a statement from Parraz, an alliance of Latino and citizens groups in Maricopa County has agreed to a weeklong plan of action, including a major protest on Friday, November 15th at the Maricopa County Recorder's Office:

Tuesday, Nov. 13th @ 4:00PM - Action at County Recorder's Office, 3rd Ave and Jefferson

Wednesday, Nov. 14th @ 9:00AM - Action at Board of Supervisors Auditorium, 203 W Jefferson

Wednesday, Nov. 14th @ 4:00PM - Action at County Recorder's Office, 3rd Ave and Jefferson

Thursday, Nov. 15th @ 5:00PM - Large Scale Protest at County Recorder's Office, 3rd Ave and Jefferson