11/16/2012 06:57 pm ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

Voices for Malala

Malala Yousafzai has become a household name since being thrown into the spotlight as a victim of a near-fatal gun shot attack in October 9. The 15-year-old Pakistani activist is seemingly fearless in her quest to improve education and equal opportunities for women in the Middle East. Malala's newfound fame comes three years after the commencement of her brave crusade, beginning in 2009, and at only 12 years-old. When our team first learned of Malala's story, we were amazed how a girl, a child by many country's standards, was able to spearhead such an ambitious and dangerous movement, willing to raise her voice to whomever would listen, fully aware of the consequences from those that wouldn't.

Malala's words resonate around the world because they are heartfelt and genuine. This is what connects us as human beings. It occurred to me that while Malala was a voice for others, perhaps we can help provide a platform for others to connect with Malala and to support women's education everywhere. As the Co-Founder of Evergram -- a collaborative messaging platform for meaningful messages -- I recognized there was an opportunity to do our part. Evergram was developed for this exact reason, to enhance and foster meaningful communications. Our hope is that through our support of Malala and her cause, we can make a small difference in her life and thus, in the world.

In the wake of the attack on Malala's life, we were able to connect to Shiza Shahid and organize "Voices for Malala." "Voices for Malala" utilizes the Evergram platform and, very simply, allows worldwide supporters of Malala to leave a video, audio, or text message that will be automatically collected into an online album, an Evergram, to be delivered to Malala on New Year's Day 2013, a time of renewal, promise and hope for the future.

It has occurred to us at Evergram that when we communicate deeply and thus connect as human beings, we are able to shed the mistrust and fear that too often leads to abuse and violence in the world. We encourage you to leave Malala a personal message of hope and inspiration as she continues her journey. We hope that in this way the truth and strength of your messages will inspire her and others to continue the struggle for women's rights and education for all.

After you have added your voice to the "Voices for Malala" Evergram, consider direct support of Malala and her cause through a donation to The Malala Fund. Donations to the Malala Fund support the education and empowerment of girls in Pakistan and around the world. Vital Voices, a 501(3)c non-profit, administers the Fund with an advisory committee of education experts, entrepreneurs and family.