11/06/2012 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

99 Problems: Don't Let a 'B' Be One (Diet)

While Jay-Z and Cory Booker may have been "remixing" "99 Problems" yesterday, who would ever think of Jay-Z's song as inspiration for eating healthy!? But avoiding B's is one of the best ways to create a diet that consists of real food, healthy eating, and ultimately, fat loss. (And I of course do not mean the "B" Jay-Z had in mind!)

Having the honor of speaking all over the world about health gives me an awesome opportunity to see what sticks with my audience and what doesn't. If there's one tip that seems to have the greatest stickiness and impact, it's "avoid the three B's."

It's a fast, easy, highly-effective way to remember which foods you should probably avoid or limit at the supermarket, restaurants, delis, and anywhere else a "B" might be found.

The three B's Are: foods that come in a box, bag, or are bread-like (including pasta).

These foods are usually highly refined, and full of empty, low-quality carbohydrates ("garbohydrates"), and sugar/sweeteners. They will not only slowly make you sick if consumed regularly, but they will also make you FAT.

Now onward to your 99 other problems!

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