07/10/2009 01:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Week In Cheating

Some Great Cheating this past week... in case you missed it.

Binge & Cheat
"Ex-executive accuses insurance giant of 'purging' customers"
The Cheater Says: Well, duh. How else are they supposed to exploit people and make billions? Geesh. I suppose you think health care "reform" will change everything, too, right? Yeah, mandating health insurance... that's really going to hurt the... health insurance indu$try. Hooray!

Goldman Cheats
Ex-Worker Steals Goldman Sachs Code.
The Cheater Says: Kudos, young cheater! Aim high! Way to go for Goldman, connected to all the money in the world. Good luck and send tips.

Cheat Dot Com on
Lenny Dykstra Files For Bankruptcy
The Cheater Says: Dykstra writes a financial column for and now he's bankrupt. Jim Cramer runs and is about 50-50 on stock picks and famously admittedly to manipulating the market...
Seems like a good place to throw away your money. Some cheater will be there to catch it.

I Always Cheat Like... Nobody's Watching Me
CIA director admitted lying to Congress
Federal Prosecutors Won't Pursue Subprime Cheats
The Cheater Says: Whether cheating him or cheating with him, there's no better family member than Uncle Sam. (He's less "grabby" than your other uncle, too...)

Jeff Kreisler's new satire, Get Rich Cheating, is a Boston Globe bestseller and is now available from HarperCollins.