09/24/2014 02:13 pm ET Updated Nov 24, 2014

Live & Dangerous: Fall 2014

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean you still can't find time to enjoy some spectacular live music. There are plenty of great shows this month happening all over the country, from LA to NYC. Here are our picks for 3 shows on both coasts, featuring two exciting newcomers and one timeless favorite.

WHO: You Me At Six
WHEN: October 19th, Irving Plaza - New York, NY
WHY: Quality new rock groups are a bit of a rarity these days -- which is just one of the many reasons why You Me At Six is such a refreshing, up and coming alt rock band. Their most recent album, Cavalier Youth, was released earlier this year to critical acclaim, and they have grown into an arena act in the UK. The band's high energy live performances fronted by singer Josh Franceschi never disappoint (I just saw them in LA and they were great) -- and their genuine talent and passion brings fans back again and again. You Me At Six is on the cusp of superstardom, so be sure to catch their upcoming show in NY if you are in town.

WHO: Damien Rice
WHEN: October 9th, Immanuel Presbyterian - Los Angeles, CA
WHY: One of the top artists in the past decade is Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice, who just announced that he will be releasing his first studio album since 2006 this year. We got lucky because he is finally touring the U.S. and you may get a chance to see him. Rice's haunting, complex sound has tantalized fans for decades, and one listen to his first single (below) from the new album, My Favorite Favorite Fantasy, shows that his new work continues to stay true to this hypnotizing sound. His live shows are both powerful and delicate, highly fine-tuned and also few and far between. All of his shows are sold out, so you'll have to scramble to find a ticket.

WHO: Milky Chance
WHEN: October 13th, Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY
WHY: It's not every day that you hear the words "electronic" and "reggae" used together when describing an artist, but that's exactly the kind of music Milky Chance is pushing the envelope with. The up and coming German duo have been steadily gaining traction since the release of their quirky single "Stolen Dance" last year, and are just starting to get mainstream radio play in the US. Performance-wise, Milky Chance does not disappoint either -- up-tempo percussion, harmonica solos and captivated audiences are all things to expect during live sets. Check them out at their upcoming show on October 13th in NY!