10/06/2010 09:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Introducing JazzEktro!

In a world where every pop song today sounds well ... pretty much the same and every hip hop song has an interchangeable MC, I found new musical group, JazzEktro incredibly refreshing. Like a fusion of jazz and electronica and funk all put together this unique sensation is causing a stir all over the country.

I had the opportunity interview JazzEktro about what they're doing to separate themselves from the pack.

With so many musicians out there, what makes your music so different?
Our sound is completely original and different from the pop norm, as we've been told by our fans. We are a cross between jazz, rock and electronic brought together with Nikolai's DJ and production background in European dance/electro and myself on vocals/keys that are jazz/rock influenced. We've been told many times that we are incredibly unique, emotional and exciting to watch. From our sound to our performance style on stage we're something you've never seen or heard before. The true essence of our uniqueness is a combination of uplifting and moving music with serious and emotional lyrics.

What song in particular do you think really represents the direction your group is going in?
Our track 'Victim Of You' really resembles the core of what JazzEktro is about. It starts with an acoustic piano intro then the beat kicks in to bring out that electronic vibe with emotional lyrics and vocals that spin into a jazzy/rock oblivion.

How is breaking into the music scene different today than it would have been 10 or 20 years ago?
Today its much more about the creation of the music, doing something that is different and stepping outside of the box. With all the music that is available it's hard to be unique and really stand out as an artist. We've pushed the envelope with our music production and lyrics to really mold it into something that is special and unforgettable.

What have you done to build your audience?
We've created a type of music that has never been done before. Lyrics that you feel and music that you want to move and groove to. It's the type of music we love to make and people have responded with the same emotions towards it. It's more about the music and I think that's why we are getting such great responses.

I love your website, who designed it?
The website as well as all the internet media production is done by the talent within the band itself.

What tips do you have for other aspiring musicians out there?
Do what you feel and love and don't try to be like anyone else, just be yourself and create what it is that moves you.