11/20/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Final Acts of Ugly Desperation

The Electoral College map has become an insurmountable pallet of blue for McCain and his moose-dressing running mate. The impending loss has brought out the worst in both. People with character can lose gracefully, and with magnanimous charm. Hillary Clinton is a shining example of class and grace in her loss to Obama. McCain and Palin have no such inner strength or internal moral compass, and their last acts of desperation reveal an ugly underbelly of petulance, small-minded mean-spiritedness and pure hate.

Until recently, blatant racism has played a pleasantly minor role in this election, but that microscopically thin veneer of civilization has now been rubbed off. The McCain campaign is distributing pamphlets that depict Obama next to 1950s-era symbols of black caricature, including watermelons, ribs and fried chicken. Palin repeatedly uses Obama's middle name to invoke fear that he is a Muslim, which sadly has some traction with her red-meat crowd of xenophobes. The campaign is conducting mass "robocalling" accusing Obama of consorting with domestic terrorists from his alleged association with William Ayers. Right-wing radio hosts are, absurdly, instilling fear that Obama seeks a dictatorship, neglecting the imperialism of the last eight years in which our civil rights have been trampled by a government out of control.

But these tactics are mere child's play compared to McCain's most egregious act of treason.

McCain now knows that he will lose in a fair election. Millions of new registered voters have energized the Democratic base, and formerly pure-red states are suddenly looking good for Obama. Even if McCain were able to win key battleground states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida, he would lose. So if McCain cannot attract voters to him, the only strategy left is to prevent voters from getting to the polls to support his opponent. To that end the McCain campaign has undertaken a concerted effort to disenfranchise as many voters as possible. The first tactic is to claim "massive voter fraud" to create a foundation for contesting the election. During the last presidential debate, McCain in a fit of hyperbole claimed that Acorn was undermining the fabric of democracy. The second tactic is to take millions of new voters off the rolls by challenging the validity of their registrations. The third tactic is to prevent additional registrations by creating new obstacles to people, such as denying registration to those who have recently lost homes or moved to a new address.

But even these disgusting anti-democratic maneuvers pale in comparison to the truly treasonous acts designed to subvert our Constitution. In conjunction with the Department of Justice and White House, the McCain campaign has conspired to use the FBI to conduct investigations into spurious, false and exaggerated allegations of voter fraud. We have returned to Nixon's wonderland of extra-constitutional abuses of police powers. Once again, politics has corrupted our justice system with the federal government acting to control the outcome of an election. Does Watergate ring a bell? This subversion of our Constitution is so egregious that the act should foment revolution in the streets. Of all the horrors perpetrated on the American people over the last eight years, this is the most dangerous. Political control over and abuse of the Justice Department is an immediate and grave danger to our Republic. The second greatest threat is public complacency in the face of this blatant attack on our Constitution.

What we see happening with the FBI is now a pattern of criminal activity in the White House, not a single act of malfeasance. Let us remember the scandal, still under investigation by a Special Prosecutor, that eventually led to Alberto Gonzales's resignation. The prosecutors in that debacle were fired for resisting pressure from Gonzales and the White House to pursue, right before the 2004 election, politically-motivated and obviously false accusations of voter fraud. So obviously false that the prosecutors refused to launch investigations, leading to their firing. We are experiencing a nightmarish version of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day, a repeating, never-ending loop of criminality.

The McCain campaign has become an abomination, a criminal enterprise hell-bent on victory no matter the cost to America. McCain and Bush have gone over the edge, directly threatening the foundation of our country by manipulating the Constitution to their own purpose. These last ugly acts of desperation are a disgrace, and an insult to every citizen in this great land. We have 18 more days to survive, then good riddance to this cancer on our society.