08/26/2011 02:39 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2011

How to Be Active and Make a Difference

It has been very educational to read the comments after I post my blogs. There is strong interest from the public in figuring out they as individuals and groups can affect change against what most people see as giant forces against them.

Change comes from a desire to see change and a mindset to not sit by and watch but rather be a participant.

It is the small ideas that become big ideas because as individuals we begin to understand just how powerful one person can be.

Libya, Egypt, Syria and other countries were ruled for decades by one man or one family. The people of those countries thought they were powerless. They had no army, didn't control the media, nor did they control the country's resources.

What they had was the power of their mind and the desire for change.

After my blog on the media rags that lie, belittle and demean I was asked by many what can I do to change it. Simple, don't buy those rags. Tell 10 friends and ask them to tell 10 friends. Take the first step and ask your friends how their lives have benefitted by reading negative stories about public figures. Does looking at someone else's cellulite enrich your lives? Do you want your children to only believe negative things about people? Where is their belief in the future?

Boycott and don't buy those magazines. Ask your local supermarkets not to carry them. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. Be active and do something besides complain.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. One woman on a bus kicked of a civil rights revolution.

Become familiar with the stories put out by current front runner Rick Perry and do your own research to search for the truth.

For the working and middle class see how you have been carrying the tax burden and getting nothing for your money.

Don't accept platitiudes ie: no new taxes. What that really means is that Exxon and General Electric and many other companies will continue to not pay taxes while reaping huge profits and gouging us at the pump. Don't allow the CEOs of many of these companies to earn 400 times what their employees earn. In the space of a few years that gap has gone from 40 times to 400 times. While they are earing outrageous sums they lay off workers and cut pensions and health care. CEOs should earn substantially more if they do a good job, but 400 times is the equivalent of rape and highway robbery. I have nothing against corporate airplanes if it helps the executives become more productive.

The Michele Bachmanns tell you the bailout was wrong but today's newspapers herald the fact that the big three American Auto Companies have paid off the government loans with interest and it is the auto industry that is driving the economy and creating jobs.

Why don't these people tell the truth? They prefer to create anger rather than create jobs.

Help force me on to TV to debate one on one with any of these candidates including Obama. Make all your candidates explain why we should spend one more dollar or one more American life in Iraq or Afghanistan. A year from now or tomorrow the Sunnis and Shiites will continue their hundreds of years of disagreements. The same holds true for the many feudal tribes of Afghanistan fighting for their share of the heroin/poppy business. Both countries will continue to subjugate women.

It is up to those countries to choose their governments and standards as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt are beginning to do now.

Make America strong with American dollars invested in education, research and infrastructure.
Don't buy the bullshit that we are their protecting American freedoms. As we learned in Vietnam that is 100% unadulterated bullshit. I am sorry if some think my language is crude. No, it is plain spoken English, the way most people speak in their everyday lives.

Don't let the politicians distract you with homilies and platitudes.

I am still mad as hell and will be until we elect honest people who want to do the right thing.
There are millions of people who believe like me, not tied to any party including a third party. People will emerge to work with me for the greatest good. I don't care what your party affiliation is if you are well motivated to help make change.