03/02/2012 11:17 am ET Updated May 02, 2012

Chain Reaction

March 1, 2012 -- I'm sitting here during the fourth day of the TED talks in Long Beach, Calif. I've been selected as a Fellow for this year and arrived last Friday to meet the 24 other 2012 Fellows. There are quite a few of us from Brooklyn but others are coming from places such as Lebanon, Sri Lanka, France, Ireland, Singapore, Kenya, Uganda, India, Australia, China and Switzerland. Please check out what they are doing. Many of the talks will be available online in the near future. It has been really inspiring and revealing to get a glimpse of incredible things happening around the world.

I feel very lucky to have met or worked with many talented people during the past couple of weeks who are all doing something special. I want to let you know about them. Follow the links, visit their spaces or try to see them live when you have the chance. Here you go:

It would be great if people can comment by submitting links to people or places who are doing something really special. There has been so much talk here at TED about how technology has the ability to make the world smaller by sharing knowledge through the digital networks of global virtual communities. Please don't send a link to anything or anyone trying to "sell" anything, just share a small piece of your network with us. We'd love it.

Until next time.